Sunday, 8 December 2013

A bit of a Rambling before the Goodies!!

Hi all....Yes I know its a long time since I was last on.  I don't know how many of you know, but so much has been happening in this last year to me and mine I have not had much time to do much.  I have been making things out of items I recieved from   there is also a link at the side of my page to this great store, please go have a look as the prices are fantastic and there is not much that is not in there that you would want, also anything you order gets posted out really quick.  I owe them a big apology for not getting this sorted sooner, but I do hope you like what I have done with the items I have made.
  One of the things that happened to me that stopped me from doing much crafting is, my two westies were fighting one night (long story but they were trying to protect me) I tried to separate them, I know, I know....never try to separate things with sharp teeth!!!....well I did, so I ended up with my right hand blown up like a balloon and it turned black right away as a sharp set of teeth bit right through a vein,  the left hand ended up the worse off though, as those sharp teeth bit the top of my ring finger right off, I ended up in casualty and then to a plastic surgery unit. My hand and finger have now....sort of mended, I cant really use the finger as the slightest touch is agony, my hand gets very sore after some use.  Apart from this happening there was so much happened in the last few months I would bore you to tears telling you.  So, instead of boring you, I'll show you what I made.......ready?....Im in the process of adding the photos with my ramblings so I'll just say for now....keep an eye out as the photos will be on within the next hour or three........................Huggles xxxAnnxxx

                         p.s. while you are waiting go out this brilliant site, honestly the prices are great

Or click on the logo at the right hand side of the page

Monday, 1 April 2013


 Made for my Niece Jaye's 7th Birthday

Hello all, here I am once again with something new to put on my Blog, its getting to be a habit now,  for how long I cannot say!!
I have another special project I am making at the moment, but until I am finished it I thought I would let you see the card/book I made for my niece.  I call it a card/book as its a bit of both, some people call it a star card and I know there are other names for it, but I'll stick with mine for now.  I will explain why while showing you a few photos!

As you can see here it looks like a star, this is why a lot of people call it a star card, but what I have made is a little bit different as I will explain as I go along.  This is one side of my book card. 

This photo looks much the same as the other, it just looks like I have moved it around a bit, but no if you look at the ribbon its in the same place, of course, it is a double sided book card, I have untied the bows and turned it the other way out, but it still looks like a star card I know.......

I have folded the book card up tied the bows then laid it down so that the front covers are in view, this is partly why I have called it a book card, instead of using all card as you would when making a star card, I have used book board for the back and front, if you want to use this to make it a bit more substantial you will be able to find it online to buy, I already had it in my craft stash, from somewhere long forgotten!  

The book card opened out zigzag style, showing all the lovely pictures any little girl (or big girl!) would love.

You can see in this photo on every other page I have put a page for my niece to write or draw in.      
On the inside back I also put a little envelope made from gold paper to pop a gift into, as I was sending this to Scotland I put a cheque in. 

In the last two photos you can see the back and front of the book card. If you want you can make it obvious which is which. I have made it for my niece to decide as both sides are just as pretty. I have also made a box to put the book card in and made it all pretty with a nice bow I will add those photos tomorrow.

This is coming to the end of my little project, I hope you like it, but before I go, the papers I have used are from Kanbans "Sugar Buttons" you can get toppers and stamps in the range, I have only used toppers in this card book.  
You can get Sugar Buttons toppers and stamps from  or click on the craftsite logo on the left of my blog. 

 Let me know what you think of my project as this is the first one I have detailed and I'd like your input.  Don't forget I have another one on the way soon.  

Sugar Buttons for a special lovely wee niece...........Love you Jaye xxxxxxx

Thursday, 28 March 2013


    Room or Box......or even more!!!
I started off with a little box
In it, my craft stash I would keep
I would only make a few cards.....
Maybe one or two a week.
But then my friends got to know
And wanted the personal touch
And so my stash began to grow..
It all went into two boxes
To three, then even four
And the only place to put them...
Was pile them on the floor!!
Then we moved to a bigger house
I got a CRAFT ROOM of my own
Now I had my own big room
I really could not moan.
I knew I'd fill the empty space
I promised tidy it would stay
But as all of us crafters know
That is really not our way!
So now that I have filled the room
with stash...oh so much more
Its gone back just like it was
With lots of boxes, all piled......
Upon the floor!!!!
   by Ann Littler

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My Cards!! at last!!

Hi all, At last I have got down to putting some of my cards onto my laptop, so its about time I put some on here to let you all see what I do with my time! Have selected just a few will add more in a couple of days hope you like what you see xx

Thursday, 14 February 2013

I'm Back with more of my Ramblings (its been a while)

Hello all
Well as the title says, its me back again, I have decided I am going to try as best I can to keep up with this blog, after all whats the point of having one and not using it, that's just like having a husband and not using him haha! No I would never do that nor would he we love each other to bits, well as we get older bits of us are going here there and everywhere, I wont go into talking about our 'bits' that's a bit of a no go area and not very crafty.....well not sure about that emmmm sorry my train of thought went off the rails for a second!! 
 Talking about loving each other, have you noticed the date, yes its lovers day, or hopeful peoples day, waiting at the letter box day, buying or making yourself some cards day, and all of them roll into one to call it Valentines how do you see it? Is it a day you think, wonder if I have a secret admirer? Or, I wonder what my other half will get me, should I remind him/her what day it is, I hope he doesn't get me choccy it will spoil my are nice but they die, maybe a pot plant would be better...not romantic though, so here is what I have done.....I bought myself six rose bushes for the garden and emailed hubby at work telling him not to buy me anything for valentines day, in a second text I told him I have bought my own present and he owes me £??, I have yet to get a reply to that text!!
No I know its not that romantic, and it wont be loving words I'll be saying when trimming them and get the thorns stuck in my fingers!! Though don't you think in a way its romantic because really I have thought of my hubby in this, I have saved him from racking his brain thinking what to get me, and saved him the time of going to get it, ok I may have to get him to dig six holes to put them in, but I'll be standing with him, so we will be spending time together, and I'll even take a nice cuppa out to him, maybe even a biccy as well, so what could be nicer than that. I did have a bit of a job thinking of what to get him, but hit on a great idea, I bought him a couple of new gardening tools that will really help him when digging holes and getting rid of weeds, then I went soft and bought him some nice choccy he likes, well got to sweeten him up somehow!!!

Now my favourite bit making him a card, eek I am not using hearts again, we have been together 25 years and he is not really the hearts and flowers type, so what in heavens name will I do....I've looked through dozens of my Cd's, toppers looked on different web sites and blogs...nope still couldn't get it, then I looked over in front of the fire was two of our dogs, the two little westies, Luke and Leia, all curled up against each other....perfect...(for those who recognise the names I dont mean a star wars card!!) I took a few pictures and now Ive just got to go print them out make the card up and see how it looks......but then I feel bad as I haven't used our other two dogs in it, they are retrievers Berkeley and now I am on the hunt for a picture with those two cuddled up or nose to nose or something like that, could set it up but they are not here, they are away with hubby till tomorrow, oh well at least I have all today to get on the hunt.......if it turns out as my mind can see it which is pretty good I'll put it on for you all to see, but if my hands decide to have a mind of their own and do something else I'll just put pictures of the dogs hehe. 
Well my lovely friends I have rambled on enough for my first time back in a long time, I have made so many cards I am now going to get the file together and put some on here.
I hope you all have the valentines day that you would really like and you get something you want unlike my friend who got a new iron last year, this year who that's another day and more of my ramblings so till then.............
.....Keep smiling and be happy xxx  

Dolls House food 1/12


Monday, 17 May 2010

Ramblings of a future

Hi folks sorry its been a while....quite simply there is not enough hours in the day for me to do ebverything I need to do at the min!! In fact while Im at it why is there only seven days in a week, I dont like it being odd numbers I think it should be a good even number about eight at least...and all you that work dont worry I am not trying to put an extra day onto your working week....I would give you three days off.......mmmmmm....Ann Littler for next PM haha can you imagine it...all craft stuff would have to be made vat free...then of course there would be the other things we woman have to know the life threatening things that we could not do without, new shoes by prescription sounds good to me, well we have to look after our feet dont we!!! I know Im rambling again, but then if you have been here before you will know my mouth runs away with itself and travels down my arm to my hand, thing is, I am using one of those mobile broadband 'dongle' thingys (who came up with that word, I laugh every time I hear it), the only thing about this 'thingy' is it keeps cutting off, which can be quite painful if your in the middle of something important!!! Well I hear my bed calling......oh the mucky thing you should hear what its saying, I'll give the mattress a good telling off for talking to the frame like that when I get up there, they are on about who is the softest and who is nice and hard...I think they had best sort themselves out, I hope the mattress realises its soft cause if I lay on a hard board something is in trouble.......dream good dreams and wake up smiling....night folks....will be back when broadband is on and this 'thingy' is put away for someone else to use lol xxxxxx

Monday, 23 November 2009

Here is my first snowman card from one of the two that can be bought and downloaded from Jak Heath the money is going to looking for a vaccine for meningitis, anyway just thought you might like to see what I have done with one of mine.

I printed my snowman bigger than it was originally, cut the shape down one side and then decoupaged it with another I had printed and cut out. I painted him with cosmic shimmer paints and used sakura glaze pen for his hat the coal eyes etc and his booots, I finished him off with a bit of polar white flower soft and of course some glitter.

I hope if someone see this and likes it they will go to Jaks blog and get the downloads for themself
the digi downloads are in memory of Layton John Cleaver who passed away recently after getting Meningitis he was only 17 months, bless him, Jak Heath is busy fund raising for them to come up with a vaccine for this horrible disease, If you would like to give a donation then pop across to Jaks Blog also to download and buy the images at £4 for two different images you wont get anywhere else its a good buy:

The following is copied from Jak Heaths Blog, who is trying to raise funds for Meningitis research in memory of her Nieces little boy Layton, please go have a look:

Meningitis Search 4 a Vaccine Campaign.

I have a wonderful friend named Claire Brennan Who designs her own Clear stamps over at Waltzing Mouse Stamps who has given me 4 of her Stamp sets to raise more pennies for Meningitis Search 4 a Vaccine Campaign.

After wondering how best to raise the money both Claire and I decided that doing a draw would be the best way forward. I have 2 EACH OF THE FOLLOWING STAMP SETS which you could win 1 of by adding a £1 donation to the fundraising

For those that are new to my blog and don't know the story of Layton John Cleaver my nieces beautiful baby boy you can read about it here

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Hi ....Im in Sunny Essex

Hi all not much to say just now, yeah I know thats not like me hehe am visiting my family in Essex will be home Sunday and will spend next week catching up with you all, huggles to all xxxxx

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Well after saying I hadn't worked out how to put some photos of the 'littler' things I make i.e. dolls house food....and one other my little oil heater that I am quite proud of!! Here I am once again at 6am to tell you what you can actually see, I haven't worked out how to label them as well, but maybe when I am more awake I can manage that, though I am sure you can make out what is here, hope you like them.

Maybe the next lot of photos I put on will not be some of my 'Littler' things but some of the cards I have made, that is if I can get my camera to work properly, I think its a case of pointing clicking and hope for the best, so if you want to see more of my this space....Huggles to all xxxx
Hi all, well here I am again for a bit of a ramble!!! Its been a wee while since was on, it started off well but like most things something got in the way of the flow, and when something gets in your flow it goes all over the place!

I thought I would start by putting some pictures of my dolls house food that I make and sell on here, but so far all I have worked out how to do is to add two huge pictures of an apple pie and a Batten burg cake, once I actually work out how to put them on properly then I will add more, at the minute they just look a bit daft tagged on at the end. Anyway this is just my way of letting anyone who reads this and perhaps doesn't have a blog of there own but would like to do one is that you should have a go, so ok mine is a bit em...........well you come up with a word for it, answers on a postcard to your own address please! I like to think of my blog as a big experiment, not sure what the experiment will end up with but hey what a surprise it will be to us all when we actually find out.

If there is anyone out there is crying reading and looking at my blog, then wipe your tears and just send me an email as to how to do this thing properly, all help will be more than welcomed.

Eeek!!! I have just looked at the time it is now 4.20 am and I am still here blabbering on about....________ once again you fill in the missing word. So ok folks (or me if no one else comes to read this) I think its time for me to take myself off to bed to lay there for a couple of hours dreaming about what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong on here, this may turn out to be a nightmare of all wrong, but not to worry I am made of strong stuff, I'll just wake myself up, give myself a talking to, think of something wonderful like Mel Gibson when he was in Mad Max and go off to sleep dreaming of me and Mel. If you want to find out what happens in the next few hours it means you will have to come back and put up with my ramblings again, mind you it may be tomorrow, it may be next week, but I will be back sometime!!!!

Ok so here is the question before I go:

Question: Why is it when we desperately want our hair to takes forever, but if we want to keep it short we end up at the hairdressers every other week, getting it trimmed either that or we have to end up with it long, but then decide ok I'll have it long stops growing.
Also when we are going on a special night out and we want to do our hair straight/curly it always ends up half and half or the opposite of what we want which starts our night off not so good, then the other half says 'your hair looks lovely what are you worrying about' so nice of him as long as people only see me side on, straight one side and curly the other...oh well another new trend.

Weather report for the whole of the UK........Saturday will be ...well Saturday, it will probably be raining if not then you have a real bonus so don't complain it might just be sunny long enough to dry those sexy undies you have been dying to put on the washing line to let next door know you have still got it....and can still get into them (I wont tell them you just keep that tiny set just for those sunny washing days but have never wore them for years). If it is raining in your area then all the better really its the perfect excuse not to hang the washing out, in which case you can hang your BIG knickers inside to dry and no one else gets to see them. So folks what ever your weather have a good one........xxxxx

Monday, 6 July 2009

Today is the day I start to write my own blog instead of reading other peoples, will still be reading them to get tips on what to do on here, because I really don't have a clue, I have started but where that is going to lead no one can tell, especially not me!!
A good thing to start with I guess is what I have been doing today, well that's not hard to answer.........nothing, well when I say nothing I mean nothing of any use to man, woman or child....or beast for that matter, I have been reading...and I got bored with the book, I did a small part of a card.....couldn't get into it......I watched Create & Craft...that lasted half an its all down to the fact I think that all my get up and go has got up and went, so if anyone finds it, please send it back to me, it is dearly missed!!!!

Weather report for Monday 6th July 2009
This must be the most talked about subject in the British Isles, so here is my version of today's weather in Oxford: From this morning around 5am till now it has been a slightly rainy, windy sunny sort of a day, only thing we missed was snow, but thankfully I am happy to say it has managed to stay away.

Tomorrows forecast.......more of the same as today, well if you say we get it all then its a bonus when its just sunny!!

I have actually wrote something woohoo!!! I think that's about it for today though as my eyes are beginning to close, it may only be 19.07 but as I cant remember if it was since last night or the night before when I was last asleep I think I can be forgiven. Just one question before I go, don't send answers on a postcard though on here will be just lovely thanks.

Q... I like a cup of tea when having a read or watching a bit of TV before laying down to sleep, now comes the big one.....Do I clean my teeth before getting into bed, in which case that tea and probably a biccy or two stays round my teeth all I get back up and clean my teeth after the tea and biccy......but then I may fall asleep before getting back up in which teeth cleaned at all, maybe I should just get some of those disposable tooth cleaners!!!!

All answers to this huge problem gratefully received.

If anyone has been kind enough to read my brain rambling, then thank you and for now a very good night....I hope!