Thursday, 14 February 2013

I'm Back with more of my Ramblings (its been a while)

Hello all
Well as the title says, its me back again, I have decided I am going to try as best I can to keep up with this blog, after all whats the point of having one and not using it, that's just like having a husband and not using him haha! No I would never do that nor would he we love each other to bits, well as we get older bits of us are going here there and everywhere, I wont go into talking about our 'bits' that's a bit of a no go area and not very crafty.....well not sure about that emmmm sorry my train of thought went off the rails for a second!! 
 Talking about loving each other, have you noticed the date, yes its lovers day, or hopeful peoples day, waiting at the letter box day, buying or making yourself some cards day, and all of them roll into one to call it Valentines how do you see it? Is it a day you think, wonder if I have a secret admirer? Or, I wonder what my other half will get me, should I remind him/her what day it is, I hope he doesn't get me choccy it will spoil my are nice but they die, maybe a pot plant would be better...not romantic though, so here is what I have done.....I bought myself six rose bushes for the garden and emailed hubby at work telling him not to buy me anything for valentines day, in a second text I told him I have bought my own present and he owes me £??, I have yet to get a reply to that text!!
No I know its not that romantic, and it wont be loving words I'll be saying when trimming them and get the thorns stuck in my fingers!! Though don't you think in a way its romantic because really I have thought of my hubby in this, I have saved him from racking his brain thinking what to get me, and saved him the time of going to get it, ok I may have to get him to dig six holes to put them in, but I'll be standing with him, so we will be spending time together, and I'll even take a nice cuppa out to him, maybe even a biccy as well, so what could be nicer than that. I did have a bit of a job thinking of what to get him, but hit on a great idea, I bought him a couple of new gardening tools that will really help him when digging holes and getting rid of weeds, then I went soft and bought him some nice choccy he likes, well got to sweeten him up somehow!!!

Now my favourite bit making him a card, eek I am not using hearts again, we have been together 25 years and he is not really the hearts and flowers type, so what in heavens name will I do....I've looked through dozens of my Cd's, toppers looked on different web sites and blogs...nope still couldn't get it, then I looked over in front of the fire was two of our dogs, the two little westies, Luke and Leia, all curled up against each other....perfect...(for those who recognise the names I dont mean a star wars card!!) I took a few pictures and now Ive just got to go print them out make the card up and see how it looks......but then I feel bad as I haven't used our other two dogs in it, they are retrievers Berkeley and now I am on the hunt for a picture with those two cuddled up or nose to nose or something like that, could set it up but they are not here, they are away with hubby till tomorrow, oh well at least I have all today to get on the hunt.......if it turns out as my mind can see it which is pretty good I'll put it on for you all to see, but if my hands decide to have a mind of their own and do something else I'll just put pictures of the dogs hehe. 
Well my lovely friends I have rambled on enough for my first time back in a long time, I have made so many cards I am now going to get the file together and put some on here.
I hope you all have the valentines day that you would really like and you get something you want unlike my friend who got a new iron last year, this year who that's another day and more of my ramblings so till then.............
.....Keep smiling and be happy xxx