Saturday, 25 July 2009

Well after saying I hadn't worked out how to put some photos of the 'littler' things I make i.e. dolls house food....and one other my little oil heater that I am quite proud of!! Here I am once again at 6am to tell you what you can actually see, I haven't worked out how to label them as well, but maybe when I am more awake I can manage that, though I am sure you can make out what is here, hope you like them.

Maybe the next lot of photos I put on will not be some of my 'Littler' things but some of the cards I have made, that is if I can get my camera to work properly, I think its a case of pointing clicking and hope for the best, so if you want to see more of my this space....Huggles to all xxxx
Hi all, well here I am again for a bit of a ramble!!! Its been a wee while since was on, it started off well but like most things something got in the way of the flow, and when something gets in your flow it goes all over the place!

I thought I would start by putting some pictures of my dolls house food that I make and sell on here, but so far all I have worked out how to do is to add two huge pictures of an apple pie and a Batten burg cake, once I actually work out how to put them on properly then I will add more, at the minute they just look a bit daft tagged on at the end. Anyway this is just my way of letting anyone who reads this and perhaps doesn't have a blog of there own but would like to do one is that you should have a go, so ok mine is a bit em...........well you come up with a word for it, answers on a postcard to your own address please! I like to think of my blog as a big experiment, not sure what the experiment will end up with but hey what a surprise it will be to us all when we actually find out.

If there is anyone out there is crying reading and looking at my blog, then wipe your tears and just send me an email as to how to do this thing properly, all help will be more than welcomed.

Eeek!!! I have just looked at the time it is now 4.20 am and I am still here blabbering on about....________ once again you fill in the missing word. So ok folks (or me if no one else comes to read this) I think its time for me to take myself off to bed to lay there for a couple of hours dreaming about what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong on here, this may turn out to be a nightmare of all wrong, but not to worry I am made of strong stuff, I'll just wake myself up, give myself a talking to, think of something wonderful like Mel Gibson when he was in Mad Max and go off to sleep dreaming of me and Mel. If you want to find out what happens in the next few hours it means you will have to come back and put up with my ramblings again, mind you it may be tomorrow, it may be next week, but I will be back sometime!!!!

Ok so here is the question before I go:

Question: Why is it when we desperately want our hair to takes forever, but if we want to keep it short we end up at the hairdressers every other week, getting it trimmed either that or we have to end up with it long, but then decide ok I'll have it long stops growing.
Also when we are going on a special night out and we want to do our hair straight/curly it always ends up half and half or the opposite of what we want which starts our night off not so good, then the other half says 'your hair looks lovely what are you worrying about' so nice of him as long as people only see me side on, straight one side and curly the other...oh well another new trend.

Weather report for the whole of the UK........Saturday will be ...well Saturday, it will probably be raining if not then you have a real bonus so don't complain it might just be sunny long enough to dry those sexy undies you have been dying to put on the washing line to let next door know you have still got it....and can still get into them (I wont tell them you just keep that tiny set just for those sunny washing days but have never wore them for years). If it is raining in your area then all the better really its the perfect excuse not to hang the washing out, in which case you can hang your BIG knickers inside to dry and no one else gets to see them. So folks what ever your weather have a good one........xxxxx