Monday, 1 April 2013


 Made for my Niece Jaye's 7th Birthday

Hello all, here I am once again with something new to put on my Blog, its getting to be a habit now,  for how long I cannot say!!
I have another special project I am making at the moment, but until I am finished it I thought I would let you see the card/book I made for my niece.  I call it a card/book as its a bit of both, some people call it a star card and I know there are other names for it, but I'll stick with mine for now.  I will explain why while showing you a few photos!

As you can see here it looks like a star, this is why a lot of people call it a star card, but what I have made is a little bit different as I will explain as I go along.  This is one side of my book card. 

This photo looks much the same as the other, it just looks like I have moved it around a bit, but no if you look at the ribbon its in the same place, of course, it is a double sided book card, I have untied the bows and turned it the other way out, but it still looks like a star card I know.......

I have folded the book card up tied the bows then laid it down so that the front covers are in view, this is partly why I have called it a book card, instead of using all card as you would when making a star card, I have used book board for the back and front, if you want to use this to make it a bit more substantial you will be able to find it online to buy, I already had it in my craft stash, from somewhere long forgotten!  

The book card opened out zigzag style, showing all the lovely pictures any little girl (or big girl!) would love.

You can see in this photo on every other page I have put a page for my niece to write or draw in.      
On the inside back I also put a little envelope made from gold paper to pop a gift into, as I was sending this to Scotland I put a cheque in. 

In the last two photos you can see the back and front of the book card. If you want you can make it obvious which is which. I have made it for my niece to decide as both sides are just as pretty. I have also made a box to put the book card in and made it all pretty with a nice bow I will add those photos tomorrow.

This is coming to the end of my little project, I hope you like it, but before I go, the papers I have used are from Kanbans "Sugar Buttons" you can get toppers and stamps in the range, I have only used toppers in this card book.  
You can get Sugar Buttons toppers and stamps from  or click on the craftsite logo on the left of my blog. 

 Let me know what you think of my project as this is the first one I have detailed and I'd like your input.  Don't forget I have another one on the way soon.  

Sugar Buttons for a special lovely wee niece...........Love you Jaye xxxxxxx