Sunday, 8 December 2013

A bit of a Rambling before the Goodies!!

Hi all....Yes I know its a long time since I was last on.  I don't know how many of you know, but so much has been happening in this last year to me and mine I have not had much time to do much.  I have been making things out of items I recieved from   there is also a link at the side of my page to this great store, please go have a look as the prices are fantastic and there is not much that is not in there that you would want, also anything you order gets posted out really quick.  I owe them a big apology for not getting this sorted sooner, but I do hope you like what I have done with the items I have made.
  One of the things that happened to me that stopped me from doing much crafting is, my two westies were fighting one night (long story but they were trying to protect me) I tried to separate them, I know, I know....never try to separate things with sharp teeth!!!....well I did, so I ended up with my right hand blown up like a balloon and it turned black right away as a sharp set of teeth bit right through a vein,  the left hand ended up the worse off though, as those sharp teeth bit the top of my ring finger right off, I ended up in casualty and then to a plastic surgery unit. My hand and finger have now....sort of mended, I cant really use the finger as the slightest touch is agony, my hand gets very sore after some use.  Apart from this happening there was so much happened in the last few months I would bore you to tears telling you.  So, instead of boring you, I'll show you what I made.......ready?....Im in the process of adding the photos with my ramblings so I'll just say for now....keep an eye out as the photos will be on within the next hour or three........................Huggles xxxAnnxxx

                         p.s. while you are waiting go out this brilliant site, honestly the prices are great

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