Monday, 6 July 2009

Today is the day I start to write my own blog instead of reading other peoples, will still be reading them to get tips on what to do on here, because I really don't have a clue, I have started but where that is going to lead no one can tell, especially not me!!
A good thing to start with I guess is what I have been doing today, well that's not hard to answer.........nothing, well when I say nothing I mean nothing of any use to man, woman or child....or beast for that matter, I have been reading...and I got bored with the book, I did a small part of a card.....couldn't get into it......I watched Create & Craft...that lasted half an its all down to the fact I think that all my get up and go has got up and went, so if anyone finds it, please send it back to me, it is dearly missed!!!!

Weather report for Monday 6th July 2009
This must be the most talked about subject in the British Isles, so here is my version of today's weather in Oxford: From this morning around 5am till now it has been a slightly rainy, windy sunny sort of a day, only thing we missed was snow, but thankfully I am happy to say it has managed to stay away.

Tomorrows forecast.......more of the same as today, well if you say we get it all then its a bonus when its just sunny!!

I have actually wrote something woohoo!!! I think that's about it for today though as my eyes are beginning to close, it may only be 19.07 but as I cant remember if it was since last night or the night before when I was last asleep I think I can be forgiven. Just one question before I go, don't send answers on a postcard though on here will be just lovely thanks.

Q... I like a cup of tea when having a read or watching a bit of TV before laying down to sleep, now comes the big one.....Do I clean my teeth before getting into bed, in which case that tea and probably a biccy or two stays round my teeth all I get back up and clean my teeth after the tea and biccy......but then I may fall asleep before getting back up in which teeth cleaned at all, maybe I should just get some of those disposable tooth cleaners!!!!

All answers to this huge problem gratefully received.

If anyone has been kind enough to read my brain rambling, then thank you and for now a very good night....I hope!