Monday, 17 May 2010

Ramblings of a future

Hi folks sorry its been a while....quite simply there is not enough hours in the day for me to do ebverything I need to do at the min!! In fact while Im at it why is there only seven days in a week, I dont like it being odd numbers I think it should be a good even number about eight at least...and all you that work dont worry I am not trying to put an extra day onto your working week....I would give you three days off.......mmmmmm....Ann Littler for next PM haha can you imagine it...all craft stuff would have to be made vat free...then of course there would be the other things we woman have to know the life threatening things that we could not do without, new shoes by prescription sounds good to me, well we have to look after our feet dont we!!! I know Im rambling again, but then if you have been here before you will know my mouth runs away with itself and travels down my arm to my hand, thing is, I am using one of those mobile broadband 'dongle' thingys (who came up with that word, I laugh every time I hear it), the only thing about this 'thingy' is it keeps cutting off, which can be quite painful if your in the middle of something important!!! Well I hear my bed calling......oh the mucky thing you should hear what its saying, I'll give the mattress a good telling off for talking to the frame like that when I get up there, they are on about who is the softest and who is nice and hard...I think they had best sort themselves out, I hope the mattress realises its soft cause if I lay on a hard board something is in trouble.......dream good dreams and wake up smiling....night folks....will be back when broadband is on and this 'thingy' is put away for someone else to use lol xxxxxx